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How does Pesca Cozumel works?
Our company provides custom made private charters with the best crew, places and yachts in the Riviera Maya. First you get us to know your needs: The date you want your charter, the boat you would like to reserve, the activities to perform and any other special requirements you may have. Then you send us a deposit for the reservation, finally when the date has arrived you get on board, relax, enjoy the day and at the end of the charter liquidate the remaining balance.
Reservation Walkthrough
At first we provide information of the different activities that can be done with our charters. After being informed, you may select the craft that best suits yours needs. With this two steps ready you only need to reserve the craft by sending us your deposit via PayPal or credit card.
Is this the right tour for my group and me?
Our private charters are excellent if you are traveling with family, kids or friends, we will adapt the tour to your needs. We recommend you the best activities and the nicest spots for you to choose in order to have a perfect day.
What is done during the charter?
It is a private tour, so you can do about anything, but the normal activities that will be done are the ones we recommend and that we know clients will be more than satisfied.
We understand that things happen, which is why we allow cancellations for tours with at least 5 days from the departure date.
If you don not show up or cancel with less than 5 days from the departure date we cannot issue a refund of your deposit.
Our charters are commonly booked two months, six months or even a year in advance. With such short notice it will be very difficult for us to get another guest for the date we’ve reserved for you.
Weather cancellations
All clients count with a 100% weather refund policy. If the conditions are unsafe or the port is closed due to bad weather we offer a full refund, no questions asked. We will do our best to reschedule your charter, but in the case this cannot be done we will refund your deposit the same way it was paid. Cancellations are not normally done in case of ordinary rain.
Transportation to the boat
Guests are responsible for their own transportation. According to Mexican laws it is illegal to transport tourists by any other means than taxi. Don’t worry, taxis are everywhere, you or the concierge of the hotel can contact them for the pickup. The marine is 5 minutes away in car from downtown.
Transportation to the hotel
Taxi’s are not in the marine but they can reach the location in 5 minutes. It is very important to tell us if you need taxi service before the end of your charter, with it, we will arrange your pickup when you reach the pier.
What to bring
Most of the things needed to spend an excellent day on the sea are already on board but we do recommend bringing:
  1. Towels
  2. Swimsuit
  3. Hat
  4. Biodegradable Sunscreen
  5. Sunglasses
  6. Camera
When you are planning your visit to the Mayan Riviera remember one important thing: Use Biodegradable Sunscreen!
One of the most harmful things to the natural underwater environment of the world is sunscreen, oils, and sunblock worn by tourists. We do not think of it, but when we swim in the water these oils come off and settle on the coral reefs and other marine life, and in volume can create damage to the coral. Sunscreens are one of the biggest factors that contribute to coral bleaching and contamination of the sea’s ecosystem.
Tips for the crew
We do not ask for a tip, our crewmembers always do our best to provide an excellent service and any tip will be greatly appreciated.
Feedbacks and reviews
We live off our reputation! It is very important that every guest rate us at our social networks being completely honest! Our best feedback is all the people that had an experience with our charters, without them we are not able to improve our services.
A lot of people find us on TripAdvisor and we will really appreciate your support at: Pesca Cozumel
Children allowed
Children are always welcome! In fact these are our best guests, they don’t want to leave the sea and reefs after seeing all the marine life that Cozumel holds.
Personal gear
All personal belongings are always welcome aboard.
Our yachts count with free snorkeling gear but if you have your own and feel more comfortable with it, you are welcome to bring it.
Our yachts also count with MP3 sound system on board in which you can connect your phone, but if you have your own speakers you can also bring it on board.
Our boats count with all the safety equipment to spend a day without worries at the sea. From top electronic gear on the boat to medical kit, life jackets, VHF radio, etcetera.
Own food and alcohol
The charters counts with everything you need from food to beer. If you want to bring a special bottle or favorite wine you are always welcome. Let us know if you want a Premium bottle and we will do the work to bring it on board.
Reservation ticket to get on board
Our team does all the work for you; there is no need to bring ticket or invoice to hop on board. We keep a list with the information of every guest for the tour.
Of course this is really up to every guest to decide when they are making the reservation. It must be mentioned that closer to the date you wait to book the more likely it will be that a tour is already booked, specially in high seasons like summer or winter.
We work with two paying methods: PayPal and Braintree. Both methods are compatible with a wide range of credit and debit cards.
You do not need a PayPal account yourself to use your credit card and pay.