Vertical Jigging fishing commonly known as Jigging is a technique used in specific locations such as deep zones, drop offs, submerged points, etcetera. Jigging becomes addicting just by feeling the first hookup!

The attacks are powerful, the runs are insane! You will be jigging for Amberjack, Tuna, Grouper, Barracuda, Kingfish and Wahoo.

This technique uses metal lures called “Jig”, we drop the jig until it reaches the bottom and we reel it back to the surface or specific depth varying the action and speed to attract fish.

Our Fishing guide will adapt to your fishing abilities.

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Fishing is available during all the year except for tropical storms and hurricanes.

The hot fishing times are in winter, from November to March. The peak runs through November 15th and late days of December.

You can bring your own fishing equipment and gear. Jigs might be lost during fishing (Toothy Critters or stuck at the bottom) Approximately 3 jigs per day.
Recommended Fishing Gear:

- Jigging rod: load 15-30 lbs

- Jigging Reel: Drag 20-30 lbs - Capacity +300 yds

- Jigs: 150-300 grams (Pink, Blue, Silver, Green, Gold, Red)

- Jig Hooks: #7/0 or #11/0

- Heavy Swivels

- Braided Line 50-65 lb/test

- Fluorocarbon Leader 80-120 lb/test

- Plier for split rings